Workplace Mediation

Atlantis Mediation has over twenty years of unique experience in both delivering services using a wide variety of approaches depending upon what your individual situation warrants, and bringing years of experience and innumerable hours specifically addressing conflict in the workplace. Atlantis Mediation engages as active mediators and also provides training in mediation and to mediators.

Our co-mediation model provides an enhanced experience to our clients.

Atlantis Mediation engages in on-going support, development, and peer review with other mediation service professionals in the New York City area to continuously guarantee the quality of the services we provide to our clients. Atlantis Mediation staff meet regularly to consult one another on a variety of practice-related issues.

Most entities, including school faculty and administration, as well as businesses, large and small, need their employees to work as a team. When the team relationships break down everyone suffers. This can result in children not getting the teaching they deserve. It can also result in a loss of revenue and time wasted, as well.

Atlantis Mediation has developed a model and very specific expertise to work through conflicts and tensions towards more harmonious and productive relationships.

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