Group Facilitation

Group facilitation is different from mediation and yet some themes remain the same. Dignity and respect: the facilitator ensures that individuals within the group share their perspective while honoring the perspective of others. The facilitator ensures the participants treat one another with dignity, and respect.

The staff at Atlantis Mediation will work with individual organizations to tailor and fine-tune the group facilitation process to meet the individual organization’s needs. This may involve some planning beforehand, with attention to picking an appropriate time and date that most fits the needs of the participants, developing an appropriate agenda, and creating a timeline for the day or days to most efficiently use the time.

Often an outcome of the process will include future goals and actions steps with time frames within which to accomplish those action steps.

After the group facilitation, the facilitator frequently will be asked to compile and organize the work product and to create a document for participants to reflect back on the outcome of the session or sessions.

There is a high value when a team or a team effort works effectively and efficiently. When there is dis-consonance efficiency can be compromised. The facilitator brings a fresh eye and comes to the process without bias or preconceived notions. Many clients report that this is the most valuable part of the process

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