Fee And Payments

The fee structure varies, depending upon the type of situation and the work required.

A core principle of Atlantis Mediation is to give our clients solid value for the services they receive.

Business Mediation:
Fees are determined based on the scope of the issues. Sessions are structured for maximum efficiency of time and budget.

Divorce Mediation and Most Other Issues:
We offer our clients a free consultation. Other than the Memorandum of Understanding drafting fee, clients pay only for the actual time spent in mediation, as well as phone calls and e-mails.  The hourly rate is $245 per hour; payment is due at the end of each session. The parties participating in mediation share this fee, in some ratio that makes sense to them.

Workplace and Group Process:
Fees for this type of mediation or facilitation are determined based on the scope of the issues. Our workplace model involves some coaching in-between sessions and may involve an assessment with a fee being charged for that additional time.

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