About The Process

Mediation is a consensual dispute resolution process in which specially trained neutrals help parties to identify issues, clarify perceptions, and explore options for a mutually acceptable outcome. Mediators help facilitate a discussion, work through difficult issues, deal with tensions between clients, and help to resolve toward a satisfactory conclusion, where all feel heard and feel fair solutions are explored in detail. Mediators offer the opportunity to expand the discussion beyond the legal issues in dispute and focus on developing creative solutions, which emphasize the parties’ practical concerns.

The mediators’ role is to support the parties to create their own agreement, often these agreements are written and signed by the parties and contain the details of what they each agree to do.

Attorneys are always welcome in mediation. During the mediation, the parties directly involved in the dispute speak for themselves. They make their own decisions.

Atlantis Mediation mediators have a facilitative orientation. The mediators may offer suggestions or float ideas but the parties are the ultimate decision-makers in the mediation process.

The mediators have taken an oath of confidentiality. This means anything you say prior to mediation during the one-on-one intake process is confidential. Anything said in the mediation session is treated confidentially.

The mediators’ goal is to create a safe, private environment where people can come and talk about anything they desire without fear of their confidentiality being violated.

Everyone participating in mediation will have uninterrupted time to speak, and to feel like they have been heard. They have an opportunity to share their individual perspectives with one another.

Often, multiple mediation sessions are held. The frequency and duration of these sessions are decided by the participants. Mediation appointments are available morning, daytime, evening and weekends in a safe, confidential setting.

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