Business & Workplace

The great majority of mediations result in an agreement. You will leave with a signed agreement, or a signed Memorandum of Understanding detailing what you and the other party have agreed to. You have the choice of making the agreement enforceable in court, or not. Some choose to have the option of asking the judge to enforce the settlement in the future, if needed.

You have not lost anything if you don’t reach an agreement in mediation. At the very least you have learned a lot about how the other person sees the problem. You have still preserved your right to take legal action if you choose.

Small businesses are just as likely as big businesses to have conflicts with vendors, neighbors, employees, customers, or with their own business partners, yet often lack the human resources, legal departments and public relations to assist in dealing with these conflicts.

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It can be overwhelming for a small business to access the money, time and expertise to cope with a relatively minor dispute through legal means. Moreover, when the situation is resolved in an adversarial manner, the good will of the business may be affected.

Mediation can offer an affordable, timely and efficient manner in which to resolve disputes and build community among small businesses with their customers and neighbors.

Advantages of business or workplace mediation:

  • The agreement is satisfactory to each person
  • New businesses can move forward more quickly as the principals have a clear, specific agreement about roles, responsibilities, goals and objectives
  • Resolving problems and unclear agreement allow existing businesses to grow and thrive
  • Existing business relationships are preserved and enhanced
  • Less costly, less stressful and less expensive than adversarial litigation
  • A final settlement can usually be reached quickly
  • All information is shared, discussed and analyzed between the parties
  • Agreements that are crafted collaboratively by the parties are more likely to be followed

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