What to Expect from Workplace Mediation

After the initial request for mediation, the mediator will contact each individual involved in the conflict to schedule a phone interview which can last between 20-90 minutes, each.

Through the interview process, the lead mediator discovers the unique perspective of each individual, including what happened, who is involved, who needs to be included in the mediation. Often there is a “triggering event” that can be identified, when the situation began to deteriorate. Also discussed are individual goals for the situation and/or relationship, what a healthy relationship would look like, desired outcomes, and the willingness to engage openly and honestly in the mediation process.

The mediator discusses the role of the mediator, what to expect in joint sessions, and the timeline for moving through the mediation process.

The co-mediators engage in a mediation process, bringing all the parties together for approximately three sessions of up to two hours in length for joint discussions that are dignified and respectful.

The parties have an opportunity to share examples and stories of the past, from their perspective, including the impact of the actions of the other person. The other person will be asked to share their intention of their actions. The goal of these sessions is to build understanding between the parties.

The final joint session is future-focussed. The parties craft together their solution of what is needed to move past the conflict and improve the working relationship. Their written agreement, or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), details what each need, and what they agree to offer to build a foundation for a solid agreement.

Additionally, the parties discuss what segments of their discussion is confidential and whom it will be shared with if they agree to share. Agreement is reach on who should receive a copy of their MOU.

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