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I was impressed by the calm demeanor Eileen brought to the divorce mediation process, a very difficult one after 25 years of marriage. Eileen guided us through with great care.

— F.S., Red Hook, NY

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divorce mediation

Divorce Mediation

Atlantis Mediation helps resolve family conflicts outside the courtroom, facilitating negotiation while saving you money, time and stress. With over 50 years combined experience, we guide you smoothly through your divorce, separation, and custody arrangements.

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mediation training

Mediation Training

Atlantis Mediation designs interactive, engaging training with a mixture of lecture, group discussion, role play and tactile manipulation, addressing topics such as body language, listening, values, dealing with difficult individuals and sharing feelings.

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business mediation

Business Mediation

Conflicts with vendors, neighbors, employees, customers, or with business partners can be overwhelming when handled through litigation. Moreover, when the situation is resolved in an adversarial manner, the good will of the business may be affected.

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