I have worked extensively with Ms. Rowley over the years in her capacity as a mediator and principal owner of Atlantis Mediation.

The vast majority of my work involves contested matrimonial litigation.

From time to time, however, clients express an interest in proceeding with mediation. In those cases, I have without hesitation recommended that the clients contact Ms. Rowley, as I have found throughout the years that her experience and expertise in this field is extraordinary, and second to none.

Ms. Rowley is a kind soul, and has an exceptional ability to negotiate individuals through the mediation process to a successful conclusion.

For these reasons, and many more, I recommend Ms. Rowley and Atlantis Mediation.

Jeffrey C. Martin
Attorney at Law
Red Hook, NY and Rhinebeck, NY

My wife and I decided to mediate our divorce. Through word-of mouth we found Atlantis Mediation.   Eileen and her partner run the mediation process.  Although we are still in the mediation process I can honestly say that working with the Atlantis team has been a rewarding experience. I was impressed by the calm demeanor that Eileen brings to the process which of course is a very difficult one, especially after 25 years of marriage which is the case with us.

Eileen and her partner are very well versed in the ins and outs of the mediation process and guided us through it with great care. They started out by giving us a guideline of items that need to be resolved, work sheets and resources to read. This established a working framework which we used to move through the various steps needed to reach a conclusion. Through a series of meetings we were able to reach consensus on all items.

We await the valuation of my company to enable the final financial arrangements to be completed. Then the final agreement will be reviewed by our respective attorneys and we will be done. I would recommend Atlantis Mediation to anyone seeking high quality guidance to resolve a matrimonial situation without the high cost of litigation. They are a great team.

Red Hook, NY

Eileen and Ide provided a comforting and nurturing atmosphere in which to navigate my divorce. Their professionalism and warmth shined through in a difficult time and I will always be grateful for their guidance.

Manhattan, NY